• Insight into processes, labor and crop: from greenhouse to packhouse


Efficient labor, a growing production, better business: isn’t that what we all want? It all starts with insight into processes, labor and cultivation. A good overview helps you to improve your performance, develop better forecasts and decreases labor costs.

Strategic choices

The continuity and growth of your business depends on strategic choices and the effectiveness of your processes. insight into all processes, the performance of your employees, and the volume and quality of your production is essential to run your business optimally.



Analyze and forecast

Priva FS Performance offers you that vital insight into processes, employee performance and production. It allows you to look into the efficiency of your employees, the quality and quantity of your production and allows you to analyze and forecast all figures. Moreover, it helps you to keep your employees motivated by showing their results of the day, week or month. The data can also be used to align your business processes, so your whole operation can run as efficient as possible.

Our expert about crop and labor management

Both larger and smaller companies need a clear overview to help them improve their performance, create a more accurate production forecast, and reduce labor costs. The solution lies in a system that offers insight into all processes, the performance of your employees, and the volume and quality of your production. The result: Essential management information that helps you to forecast the production of your horticultural area on which you can base related labor planning.

André de Raadt, Strategic Business Developer Digital Services

Andre de Raadt | Crop & Labor Priva

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