Personal Comfort

Zone controls and room control for optimal thermal comfort

  • Unique comfort experience for everyone

At Priva, we understand that you wish the best possible indoor climate, for all your different rooms. Meeting rooms require a different climate control to office areas or public spaces and training rooms, and need a different temperature level to a gym. And in a hotel, you want your guests feel comfortable in their hotel room.

To answer your needs and even take it a step further: we can help you to individually control the climate in each room with ease.

Area control

Whether it concerns work and living spaces in office buildings, educational or care institutions, hotels, student flats or penal institutions; individual climate requirements simply become reality with this made-to-measure solution. Our area control system ensures that users can set their own optimal climate.

It is a fact that people feel better and perform better when there is a high level of personal comfort. We offer solutions by which users can achieve individual climate needs very easily, by controlling the heating, cooling, ventilation, lightning and sun blinds. By linking your installations to our control system, you can control each room or zone individually

Our expert about personal comfort

"Everyone has different experiences when it comes to a comfortable indoor climate. One person may feel cold, while another feels too hot or needs more light. Wouldn’t it be great if you could adjust the climate in your work or living space, individually and with ease? To answer your call, we’ve broadened our Personal Comfort range with new and innovative products. We can offer you an all-in-one solution for heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, and sun blinds control."

Peter Vandendriessche, VP Strategy & Commerce

Peter Vandendriessche - Priva

Less energy consumption

Even in times of organizational changes, you can easily rearrange individual settings without disturbing anyone. Complex and expensive changes to the installation are not necessary. The result: more individual comfort, less energy consumption and lower installation costs. 

More comfort, less energy consumption and lower installation costs?

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