Training: Priva Connext I400 Irrigation Start Strategy

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27 September 2023 - 01 January 0001

Training Session – Priva Connext I400 Irrigation Start Strategy

Unlock the potential of your irrigation system with Priva Connext I400's advanced irrigation start strategy. Easily configure valve groups and start strategies to gain precise control over your irrigation operations. Optimize resource usage through start allocation and connection options, ensuring efficient water distribution. Harness the power of start influences and connecting influences to fine-tune your irrigation protocols, taking into account various environmental factors. Stay in sync with your plant's needs with clock starts, and gain valuable insights into your irrigation operations with the start history feature. Discover a smarter way to manage irrigation for enhanced productivity and sustainability.

Key Take-a-ways:

  • Setting Valve Groups / Start Strategies
  • Start Allocation / Connection
  • Using Start Influences
  • Connecting Influences
  • Using clock starts
  • Start History

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