GreenTech Innovation Award for Priva Kompano Deleaf-Line

Jury: the robot heralds the start of a new era for international horticulture

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The jury confirms: Priva's deleafing robot provides an innovative solution to a serious issue facing tomato growers. Labour expenses are a particularly large part of the operational costs, but it can be unpredictable and for a large number of tasks, finding a motivated workforce to carry out the work is getting much harder. Robotics have the potential to increase the continuity and predictability of daily operations, while keeping the costs at an equal or even lower level. 

Until now, not a single market party has succeeded in developing an economically viable alternative for crop labour activities. In most cases, the speed and quality of the activities couldn't compete with the performance of manual labour.

Until now, exactly, because the Priva Kompano Deleaf-Line is the first product, worldwide, that provides growers with an economically viable alternative for manual deleafing of tomato crops.

leaf cutter


The jury of the GreenTech Innovation Award views the Priva Kompano Deleaf-Line as the start of a large series of robots, which will be developed for and utilised in horticulture over the coming years.

Co-creation with growers

Cooperation, patience, perseverance and a lot of courage were indispensable in this unique project. We are grateful for such a large number of committed people. Their intensive involvement proved to be essential to the success of this innovation.

Automation as a service

The way the Priva Kompano is added to the daily operations, is in fact quite similar to that of the human workforce. Automated deleafing is offered as a service, enabling growers to profit from the advantages of the product instantly, without a long payback period.


The Priva Kompano Deleaf-Line for tomatoes is being introduced at the GreenTech 2016. As of June 14, 2016, interested parties can pre-order the robot online and at the GreenTech. The robot is expected to be available for growers outside the consortium from June 2017. 


Deleafing tomatoes is just the beginning. This first generation of automated crop labour will lead to more automated solutions, such as different crops and tasks, for example harvesting cucumbers.