energy saving for schools

Impressive energy savings at Chafyn Grove School

Annual energy bills for school reduced from £55,000 to £27,000 thanks to Priva Blue ID BMS.

  • Annual energy bills reduced from £55,000 to £27,000

  • Gas and electricity consumption cut by 38%

  • Greater heating system control and comfort for pupils and staff


Inefficient boilers needed to be renewed, to give better user comfort and reduce gas usage. The few controls in the buildings, like room thermostats, were very basic and the system was inefficient. Often classrooms were too hot, with windows left open to vent heat.


Local company Novac Control Systems recommended Priva Blue ID. Previously, the school had 10 separate gas meters servicing 10 separate buildings. Since July 2013, six of these have been upgraded with Priva controls. 


The results of the upgrade to date have been extremely impressive, with gas and electricity consumption, and overall energy bills, reduced considerably. Perhaps most impressively of all, with respect to financial savings, the school has seen a reduction from £55,000 per annum, to £27,000 in the period from 2013 to 2017.