A winter’s tale (part 2): seasonal challenges that require a review of your energy habits

Thursday, March 17, 2022

There are plenty of things that building managers can do to counteract the rise in energy prices and the ongoing Covid risks.

In the first part of this blog we looked at the ‘perfect storm’ of challenges facing companies everywhere this winter. From energy prices that are set to carry on soaring, to the impact that Covid-19 is still having on staff absences – there are plenty of reasons why businesses might be worried about the bottom line.

But as we also saw, it’s something to which building managers can make a very positive contribution.

Undertaking a fresh energy review is a very good first step. Looking once again at your core building systems can often highlight aspects where there is room for improvement. For instance, many companies will find there is potential to save energy as we move into the era of hybrid working. There may be areas – indeed, whole floors – where lighting and heating could be turned off as occupancy patterns shift.

As part of this review, it’s also worth taking the time to find out whether there are new technologies that could help you save energy – and boost wellbeing. It’s very likely that this search will lead you to find out more about building management solutions developed by Priva. Our entire focus in this area is on assisting owners and developers to create working environments that make people feel better – while using energy in the most sustainable way.

Our range continues to revolve around core building automation solutions such as Priva Blue ID. Enabling companies to control and monitor their building systems closely, this platform makes it easy to track energy consumption. More recently, the Priva Blue ID Touchpoint device has brought even greater flexibility to the use of the system. Of course, this is something that has become more beneficial during the pandemic.

As remote access has become increasingly important to building managers, Priva has also expanded its range of digital services. Hosted in the cloud for maximum reliability and flexibility, these services include Priva Building Operator. This powerful app provides real-time insight into the status of building systems, allowing essential adjustments to be made from any device, anywhere. Once again, this has also proven to be invaluable during the unpredictable working patterns of the past two years.

Up until recently, discussion of building systems analysis tended to focus on heating and lighting. It’s not surprising that ventilation has risen up the priority list recently, with plenty of studies showing that regular fresh air can reduce the risk of contracting Covid. A BMS like Priva ID can be used to control and monitor your air conditioning and ventilation systems. With one or more of our analysis tools in use, it also becomes easier to find out which aspects could be improved. And that means you have a far greater chance of tackling problems before they can impact on employee health and performance.

In the wake of the pandemic, it seems very likely that many countries will look to introduce new regulations regarding air quality at work. Ensuring you have a good building systems control set-up in place now will definitely give you an advantage when those measures arrive. But with rates of absence due to ill-health high in many regions even before the current crisis, the benefits of effective air management can begin right away.

There is no doubt that it’s a turbulent time in history – and one that can be unnerving. But by taking steps to improve energy consumption and environmental management, it’s possible to eliminate at least some of your worries about the future.