Priva Blue ID Touchpoint: Control your building and systems

Control your building by using your intuition

Priva Blue ID Touchpoint: with a single swipe, get the most out of your building automation system with the user-friendly control panel.

You want the optimal climate in your building. Whether it is at central level or in separate rooms. It may sound difficult to manage, but with the Priva Blue ID Touchpoint, it’s easy. With this user-friendly device, you get the best possible results from your building control system.

Building control

Control your building by using your intuition. Impossible? Not with the Priva Blue ID Touchpoint. You can navigate through the operating elements simply by swiping. Its minimalistic icons tell you what functions you are dealing with, at a glance. Priva Blue ID Touchpoint provides you with a clear schedule of the predefined rooms and areas. The calendar overview shows you exactly which activities for building control are planned for the week. Change of plans? With a single swipe, you can change the schedule.

Ensure a comfortable climate 

With its user-friendly interface, the Priva ID Touchpoint is especially suitable for small-scale installations. Non-technical building managers can easily ensure a comfortable and healthy climate in their building. The interface contains only those functions that are needed for the daily control of the building, such as the climate and lighting in the general rooms of the building.


Understand how you will benefit

Discover what the benefits are for you and your building

You are in control

Control your building, rooms and cabinets, intuitively

Complete overview

A weekly planning for building control activities

User friendly

Speed and ease packed in an attractive design

Ideal for the daily control of the building

Non-technical building managers can easily ensure a comfortable and healthy climate

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Installation control

It is also possible to use the Priva Blue ID Touchpoint for installation control. Service technicians and others that work on the installation, have direct access to the switchbox and the technical information of every controller in the system. For the service technicians, this interface offers all the functions they need to operate the controllers on location.

Speed and ease

The Priva Blue ID Touchpoint can be placed anywhere, as long as it is connected to the same network as your Priva Blue ID controllers. All you need is an Ethernet connection. And then, with a single swipe, you’re able to control every single room: from the lights and heating in the meeting room to the sun blinds in the showroom.

Customer stories

Buildings with Priva Blue ID Touchpoint

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