Priva DALI-S2R Converter: Effortless Roombus integration

An effortless Roombus to DALI Integration

Introducing the Priva DALI-S2R Converter, your link to advanced lighting control.

Experience simplicity, efficiency, and precision in lighting control with the Priva DALI-S2R Converter, unlocking a new era of lighting management within your Roombus system.

Seamlessly connect Roombus systems with DALI technology for effortless, efficient lighting management. With integrated DALI power supply, support for 16 DALI lamps, and compatibility with Touchpoint One control units, it's a user-friendly solution. Installation is a breeze with a built-in test button, and it seamlessly integrates into Roombus configurations with Comforte CX2 or Comforte CX2 VAV. Elevate your lighting control with the Priva DALI-S2R Converter.

Product details

Key features

The DALI-S2R converter is equipped with 2 DALI ports, each supplying a maximum of 20 mA per port.

Integrated DALI power supply
2 DALI groups accommodating up to 16 DALI lamps
Compatible with Touchpoint One control units

Other features

  • Plug-and-play installation with a built-in test button
  • Ready for immediate use in Roombus configurations
  • Integrated DALI Power Supply

More information

2 DALI Groups for 16 DALI Lamps

Connect a maximum of 8 DALI lamps (2±0.5 mA per lamp) to each port, allowing for versatile lighting configurations.

Operate via Touchpoint One Control Units

Operate your lamps effortlessly using Touchpoint One control units, seamlessly integrated with Comforte CX2 and Comforte CX2 VAV via the Roombus interface.

Easy Installation and Testing

Installation is straightforward—connect your lamps to the associated DALI group port. Then, utilize the test button to confirm proper connectivity.

Immediate Roombus Integration

Your DALI lamps are controlled via broadcast, eliminating the need for individual DALI lamp configuration. Although connected lamps behave uniformly, this ensures ease of operation.

Ready for Roombus Configuration

Through the Roombus interface, this device swiftly integrates into your Roombus configuration with Comforte CX2 or Comforte CX2 VAV. DALI lamp control becomes a seamless part of your Roombus interface.

Simplify your lighting control with the Priva DALI-S2R Converter. Streamline integration, enhance control, and embrace efficient lighting management within your Roombus system.


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