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Technology is the key enabler to make your building smarter, healthier and easier to manage. Whether your building is an office building, school, hospital or museum, we help you to make the right decisions for your building.

Priva Digital Services* picks up all the smart building data you need to monitor your building at any time and from any place. Store all your data in the cloud with no network hassles and achieve better building performance while contributing to climate goals.

We help you focus on what really matters. Discover building automation through state-of-the-art Priva technology.

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The easiest way to make important adjustments in your BMS

Operate, manage and maintain your building management system easily, quickly and remotely whenever you want. To illustrate the ease of use: with just one click on your smartphone, it is possible to manage individual room control. No extensive knowledge required.

Peace of mind and more satisfied building users

The Priva Notification Center module allows you to respond immediately to real-time incident notifications and alert the right people to take action. This not only saves you time and money, but also allows you to resolve complaints faster. Guaranteed more satisfied building users.

Facilitate a smooth realization of company and climate goals

The need for sustainable solutions is high, as global climate change requires us to take action to reduce CO2 emissions. At the same time, you want to create a healthy indoor environment and focus on effective and efficient use of building space, comfort and energy savings.

Our impact in numbers.

of Dutch utility buildings have a Priva system
partners worldwide
successfully installed BMS
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Pull all the building data you need for greater insight with automated reports

Make your day-to-day operations more efficient through easy access to insights, assistance and maximum control over essential processes in your building. Put all the data you need into automated reports and create dashboards to keep track of relevant insights, reports and trends.

Make your building smart by connecting all your devices and tools

Getting the most out of your building is now easier than ever. Connect third party software to historical data in your Priva Digital Service package for predictive maintenance. For example, integrate presence detection, light and sound intensity, as well as motion and occupancy in rooms.

Want to improve your building performance?

Start making your building smarter. Today.

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A reliable and secure (data) connection between your building and the Priva cloud

Microsoft Azure is our data storage platform, so all your building data is transferred through our safely secured Priva Edge Gateway cloud connector. In addition, we have added an additional layer of security to your building management system with the ability to easily control user access.

Customer Stories

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National Centre For Writing Bms Upgrade Norwich
Priva BMS helps preserve historic HQ of National Centre for Writing
  • National Centre for Writing
  • 2022
The Rotterdam 1
De Rotterdam: incredible integrated building automation
  • The Rotterdam
  • 2022
Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Atrium
Hilton Hotels: always a comfortable temperature in your room
  • Hilton Schiphol
  • 2022
International School Of Amsterdam
The International School of Amsterdam manages HVAC with Priva technology
  • The International School of Amsterdam
  • 2022
Infinity: one of Europe's most sustainable office buildings
  • Encon
  • 2022
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