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Priva soft fruit solutions: More & better fruit, lower cost

23 August 2021

How to get the most out of the varieties you grow? And how to use valuable resources like labor, water and fertilizers as effectively as possible? With Priva Soft Fruit solutions you grow more and better berries at a lower cost.

Priva Soft Fruit solutions contribute to up to

  • 30% savings on water and fertilizers
  • 20% increase in production and quality
  • 10% increase in labor performance

Process control & water solutions

Your productivity depends on the optimum balance of every process in your business. Priva offers different process computers which allow you to control the irrigation process. Depending on the size of your business, your cultivation, location and, of course, your budget, you can adjust the computer to your needs.

For soil: Priva Compass Irrigation Editions

  • Irrigation only – no unnecessary features
  • Creating an irrigation strategy has never been easier
  • Operable from any device
  • Clear dashboards with great ease of use
  • High tech, yet affordable

For substrate: Priva Compact CC or Connext

  • Increased fruit production by optimal water dosing
  • Clear insight and control over every process
  • Single, central network for all horticulture automation systems
  • Remote monitoring your processes now and in the future
  • Ensure precise and timely irrigation and dosing of fertilizers with the Priva Moisture Balance Module

Labor and production solutions

Maintaining an overview of the number of crops, activities, hours and performance by staff is important for increasing labor performance. Our management information solution provides insight into the activities of your labor force, helping you increase your span of control.


Priva supports Soft Fruit businesses with knowledge and technology. Besides delivering high-quality solutions, we are involved closely with our customers and their needs. From ambition to design, to implementation, operation and support; we share our knowledge throughout the process. Growers can focus on their core business and use our solutions to achieve any ambition.