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Priva and IUNU Expand Partnership to Focus on AI-Driven Growing

Partnership Aims to Close the “Assess-Adjust-Repeat” Loop in Predictive Cultivation
10 October 2023

SEATTLE, WA - Priva and IUNU announced today that they have expanded their ongoing partnership to focus on AI-driven growing. Combining their complementary strengths to give growers the advanced, flexible oversight and control they need to run their operations their own way, now and in the future. This is only the latest in a series of innovations designed to integrate IUNU’s unmatched computer vision and AI technology with Priva’s worldwide leadership in process and climate control systems. By working together, the companies are driving the future of controlled environment agriculture (CEA).

“Priva offers growers excellence in climate control and IUNU is the market leader in computer vision and AI software,” says Adam Greenberg from IUNU. “We recently announced the launch of the world’s only closed-loop AI system for autonomous growing in horticulture. Using computer vision, the crop strategies take into account how a crop is performing real-time and makes adjustments to focus on driving the desired outcome. Integrating this technology with climate control systems from companies like Priva enables growers to focus on profitability daily.”  

“At Priva, we have long recognized that as the world becomes more complex and fast-changing, user-friendly flexibility and control are just as important as optimization,” says Priva CEO Meiny Prins. “Because there is no single future of horticulture, but many different futures, we are developing a cloud-based system and comprehensive dashboard that allow growers to easily integrate third-party solutions in order to add the specific functions and services they need. By partnering with key innovators like IUNU, we make it that much easier for each grower to build their own path to predictive cultivation for profitable and efficient growth.” 
Good data is the fuel for AI and it is critical for growers to start with robust, clean datasets. With Priva’s systems, growers have access to all of their climate data. With IUNU’s computer vision system, growers automate crop registration and data collection comprehensively across every plant in the greenhouse. Gone are the days of sampling a few plants across many hectares as indicators of crop performance. Together these datasets build the foundation for predictive cultivation. 
Prins from Priva concludes that “Growers continue to demand reliable integration of multiple ystems. By integrating our systems further, we will ensure growers of all sizes get access to robust data connections and the most innovative technology on the market. Together, Priva and IUNU support some of the largest greenhouse operators in the world. This is the forwardthinking added value they expect from market leaders.” 

The companies are integrating their systems for both lettuce and vine crops. 

About IUNU

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Seattle, IUNU aims to close the loop in greenhouse autonomy and is focused on being the world's leading controlled environment specialist. IUNU’s flagship platform, LUNA, combines software with a variety of high-definition cameras — both fixed and mobile — and environmental sensors to keep track of the minutiae of plant growth and health in indoor ag settings. LUNA’s goal is to turn commercial greenhouses into precise, predictable, demand-based manufacturers that optimize yield, labor, and product quality.