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Students learn how to operate a greenhouse using a simulator

11 April 2022

While the Priva Compass process computer can control the equipment of less intensive horticultural operations, it has most of the functionality available on the more advanced Priva Connext computer. It is very accessible for students thanks to its user-friendly Operator web interface and is ideal for learning how to control a greenhouse in practice.

Students can log on to this interface through their web browser, from which a teacher can also project an image of the interface onto a screen. To follow what is happening in a fictitious greenhouse and to change its settings, the company TaMi Automatics offers a simulator that allows different cultivation strategies to be tested according to different outdoor weather scenarios. Backed by two Priva Compass process computers, this model greenhouse includes the basic equipment that a producer must control on his farm. With this system, students can work in 5 different compartments on heating, aeration, ventilation, artificial lighting and irrigation.

In addition to the Tami Automatics simulator, Priva also provides students with its e-learning platform Priva Academy. It allows them to discover the principles of process control as well as how to use Priva Compass process computer via Priva Operator, so that they can be trained how to control a greenhouse.


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Peter Könemann

Manager Sales Horticulture Europe

Peter Könemann