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What is an HVAC system?

Optimizing your commercial HVAC system and installation to create a healthier indoor environment and save money.
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30 January 2024

Transform your building into a healthy space by integrating a commercial HVAC system. An industrial HVAC system with proper maintenance not only improves well-being, but is also a cost-effective asset that positively impacts your company's finances.

What is HVAC?

The acronym HVAC stands for 'heating', 'ventilation' and 'air conditioning'. 

An HVAC system, or HVAC installation, works seamlessly throughout the year to manage the heating, ventilation and cooling of air within a building. This adaptable system ensures comfort by circulating cool air in hot summers and maintaining warmth in winter.

This is how an HVAC system works

Controlled by the building management system (BMS), HVAC systems manage air temperature using sensors. In smart buildings, an integrated and automated BMS, in some cases remotely accessible from the cloud, oversees the entire HVAC system.

The benefits of a comprehensive HVAC installation

There are many benefits to a well-functioning HVAC installation:

1. Health and comfort

A building with healthy air and the right humidity levels promotes a comfortable living environment. Regular HVAC maintenance is essential for optimum performance.

2. Climate and environment

Sustainable HVAC installations contribute to the transition of buildings to renewable energy sources, in line with the 2019 Paris Climate Agreement. Efficient HVAC systems also save energy, reducing the building's CO2 emissions.

3. Cost efficiency

'Smart' HVAC systems improve energy performance, ensuring economic viability.

The secrets to a healthy, happy, and productive space

Take the first step toward a workplace where people's health and well-being are at the center of design.

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HVAC and building automation

Integral to commercial buildings, HVAC systems provide comfort by automatically regulating indoor temperature, humidity and ventilation. Intelligent buildings integrate HVAC systems with other systems to create a harmonious indoor environment.

How to identify HVAC systems?

Easily recognisable in larger buildings, HVAC systems are characterized by air handling units. These units, which resemble large metal boxes, contain fans, heating or cooling elements, filter racks, chambers and silencers.

Innovations in HVAC systems

Recent innovations focus on alternative methods, including (hybrid) heat pumps, for operating HVAC systems. User-friendly HVAC systems that prioritize 'configuration' over 'programming', incorporating data collection and AI for smart buildings.

Priva's vision for HVAC installations

Priva's Comforte-Line offers an excellent solution that meets users' needs for comfort and energy savings. The equipment makes it possible to create a comfortable and individual climate in each room, promoting energy efficiency.

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