• More insight thanks to wireless monitoring

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Wireless Sensor Network

You no longer have to spend time and effort combining data from different systems. Connect Priva-Aranet's wireless sensors to our open platform and integrate all your measurements into the Priva system. This way you only need one environment to analyze your data and change settings based on new insights.

Wireless Sensors | Priva
  • Gain more control

    Having extra data from your crop production facility will help you improve your control strategy.

  • Broad portfolio of sensors

    Measure all kinds of variables using the same sensor network.

  • More insight into your production operations

    Integrating sensor and greenhouse data will give you more in-depth analysis opportunities.

  • No manual intervention needed

    Measurements are automatically uploaded and integrated in the Priva cloud.

An integrated solution: all your data in a single overview

To help you with every challenge you may have as a grower, we love to welcome third parties and connect them to the Priva Open Platform. One of these partners is Aranet, an expert in wireless sensors for horticulture. By integrating their wireless sensors into our platform, we can provide you with new measurements and insights.

Do you spend a lot of time and effort combining data from different systems? With our wireless sensors you don’t have to! By connecting Priva-Aranet wireless sensors to our open platform, all your sensor data becomes available in Priva Operator: the online application to remotely manage your climate, water and energy.

This way you can analyze your data and change settings based on new insights, all within one overview.

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Priva | World Horti Center | Wireless Sensor Network
Priva | World Horti Center | Wireless Sensor Network

Why use wireless sensors?

Extra measurements are important

Did you know that in most cases the climate conditions are not the same everywhere in the greenhouse? For example, there may be slight differences in temperature or relative humidity. To detect and react to these possible deviations, you will need (more) greenhouse sensors on site. However, installing wired sensors involves high costs because it requires new cabling and installation by a service technician.

Benefits of working with wireless sensors

Wireless sensors give you the flexibility to place them in any location in your crop production facility. Whether to measure the microclimate around the top of your plants or around the fruits in the lower part, you’re free to decide which additional data you want to obtain to gain more insight into the crop environment. Extra sensors enable you to identify any anomalies quickly and tackle the cause immediately, without having to check everything yourself manually.

Benefits with wireless monitoring:

  • Easy installation: Wireless sensors are easy to install yourself. You can place them wherever you want to take measurements.
  • Flexibility: You can move them to a different location easily. This gives you the flexibility you need.
  • Low cost: Installing or replacing a sensor requires no additional cabling or support from a service technician.
  • More insight: The extra data you obtain will give you more details about the growing conditions. This helps you to further optimize your control strategy.
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Priva Connected service package

To use this integrated solution in Operator, you will need Priva Connected: the service package that includes essential services and online applications, such as Operator, to manage your greenhouse remotely.

Want to know more? Visit the Priva Connected page here

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Partner Aranet

We work together with Aranet to offer integrated wireless technology for horticultural companies. Aranet is a specialist in wireless technology and has developed a full suite of wireless sensors for the horticulture market.

This partnership will bridge the gap between wireless sensors and other data sources in greenhouses.

  • An integrated solution

    For more in-depth analysis and easy access to your data.

  • Find your installer

    Worldwide local support

    Consultancy and technical support from your local Priva partner.

  • Reliable measurements

    Priva-Aranet’s sensors provide accurate measurements.