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Priva Academy

The Priva Academy provides knowledge and training on a wide range of horticultural subjects. In the Priva Academy you will find a mixture of courses we have developed ourselves as well as courses from other knowledge partners we collaborate with. This online platform provides growers, their employees, crop advisers, and horticultural training institutes access to knowledge on a wide variety of topics they come across on a daily basis. For example, users can learn more about the different aspects of irrigation, climate, energy, labor, and production processes at a time that suits them.

  • Virtual education with a personal approach

    Online courses with direct contact with consultants

  • Courses delivered by different knowledge partners

    Besides our own courses, the Priva Academy also offers courses from other knowledge partners.

  • Available in multiple languages

    Courses can be taken in a range of languages.

  • Low investment costs and good for the environment

    The investment costs for e-learning are substantially lower, making it even easier to get more staff learning. And e-learning is also better for the environment.

E-learning for horticultural employees

At the Priva Academy, participants have complete control over their own learning process. They can organize their own classes and can contact consultants directly if desired. Courses can be taken at any time and anywhere and can be interrupted and repeated as often as necessary. So participants can work at their own pace, gaining relevant knowledge without the need to travel. Access to the Priva Academy is free, as are the basic courses in the catalog. For a small charge, training can be supplemented with offerings in the Academy Shop. 

Practical training

Learning is a continuous process. You can learn an incredible amount by studying, but you can’t learn everything from a book. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to align your training to what you do at work? The Priva Academy narrows the gap between theory and practice. If you are looking to offer your staff extra training to keep their skills on track, or if you want new employees to learn the ropes as quickly as possible, the Priva Academy could be the perfect service for you.

Opportunities for vocational training

At Priva, we believe that knowledge should be shared. That's why we like to work with educational institutions to help them incorporate the Priva Academy into their teaching programs. This enables us to connect with the next generation of growers and inspire them to get the most out of their studies and their future careers. Priva Academy offers courses that enable people to expand their basic knowledge of horticulture.

Access to the Priva Academy is free for teachers. We charge a small fee for registering students. For more information on the options for enrolling students, please e-mail us at Academy@priva.com.

To find out which educational institutions are already using the Priva Academy, click here.

Priva | Network partners

Collaborating with knowledge partners

Through the Priva Academy, we offer courses on subjects that Priva is skilled in. But of course, this is not enough. That's why we work with knowledge partners to make our range of training courses even more attractive for you. These courses can be added to your catalog via the Academy store for a small fee.

Priva Academy knowledge partners:


  • 58

    The Priva Academy is being used in 58 countries

  • 4415

    The Priva Academy is being used by 4415 people

  • 117,65

    With the Priva Academy, we have saved 117,65 ton CO2 emissions

  • 4.630.000

    In total, we have saved on 4.63 million euros on overhead costs for the companies which use the Priva Academy