PAR sensor: measure photosynthetic active radiation

Photosynthesis is the starting point of every crop. With the PAR sensor (photosynthetic active radiation), you can measure light to create the right balance in your photosynthesis process. This results in a higher quality and quantity of your crop. 

With the Priva PAR Sensor, the specific part of the light spectrum that activates photosynthesis can be measured 24/7. Based on the light quantity from the PAR greenhouse sensor, your process computer calculates how you can use shading curtains, CO2 and the growing light for the best result.

With the Priva Plant Temperature Camera you can gain precise insight into the temperature of the crop. This temperature says something about the transpiration of your crop and the cell-division speed. This allows you to make even better adjustments in the automation processes and achieve the highest yield. 

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