Priva API Services for enhancing horticulture efficiency

Go for fast, secure data integration and get more out of your greenhouse data

The Priva climate computer and connected devices and sensors generate large amounts of useful data. Priva API Services enables you to use this greenhouse data yourself in your own analyses and dashboards. Furthermore, API Services allows you to share your data with other service providers (Priva Integration Partners) so that you can use your greenhouse data in their services. This provides you with valuable insights for optimizing your business and growing operations.

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Why API Services?

Discover the benefits for your business

Ready-to-use integrations
API Services enables you to start working with a growing collection of integrations with other service providers, such as Blue Radix, Growficient and
Secure connection for data integrations
Priva’s authentication and authorization technology delivers maximum security and control.
Faster development
Custom interfaces, tools and documentation for data engineers and software developers ensure fast, efficient development.

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Secure data connection

Secure API integration

Discover the meaning of API and how Priva Gateway and API Services ensure safe and robust data exchange.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a way of enabling different software applications to communicate with each other and exchange data. Think of it as a kind of power strip to which you can connect other plugs (software).

Secure data access

The Priva climate computer is the brain of your company, so to speak. It controls processes that are essential for your growing operations. So it is important that data integration is secure. The Priva Gateway provides secure data exchange between the Priva climate computer and the Priva Cloud, which uses the highly secure Microsoft Azure platform. The data is then stored in your own Priva Cloud account. The Access Control feature enables you to decide who can access your data. The data can then be retrieved via Priva API Services for use in another service or dashboard. The development and security of the Priva Gateway, Cloud and API Services are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 compliant. This ensures a secure and robust solution now and in the future.

Getting started with API Services

There are certain requirements to get started with API Services, such as having a Priva Gateway and a Priva Connected subscription. You’ll find more information on Priva API Services, such as product specifications, on the Priva Horticulture Developer Portal.


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