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Subtitle Gain insights into crop and labor processes to improve performance and efficiency

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Valuable crop and labor insights allow you to manage your greenhouse more effectively. An overview of information pertaining to crop cultivation, labor registration, and greenhouse-to-packhouse processes can help you improve performance and decrease labor costs.

The solution lies in a system that offers insight into all processes: the performance of your employees, and the volume and quality of your production. Information provided can easily give you forecasts to support predictive growing.


Understand how your crop will benefit.

Discover what the benefits are for you and the crops you grow.

Analyze and forecast effectively

Priva FS Performance offers you vital insight into processes, employee performance and production to manage and forecast with accuracy.

Make strategic cultivation choices

Valuable insights allow you to develop well-informed strategies regarding the volume and quality of your crop.

Decrease labor costs

With precise production insights and forecasts, you can determine accurate related labor requirements and thus reduce costs.

Keep employees motivated

Employees are motivated to perform since they’re work is measured and they can view the results of the work done at the end of the day, week or month.

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Priva Kompano
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