• An accurate fertilizer injection unit for precise dosing of liquid fertilizers

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Priva Nutronic

The right composition of water and fertilizers is essential for a good crop quality. Want to work efficiently with simple, liquid fertilizers? Or do you often change recipes? The Priva Nutronic is a fertilizer injection unit that is specially designed for accurate mixing and dosing of liquid fertilizer recipes.

  • Accurately formulated recipes

    Precise dosing and homogeneous mixing of simple liquid fertilizers

  • Flexibility

    Rapid changing of recipes

  • Lower investment

    Intermediate tanks and storage tanks are unnecessary

  • Outstanding crop quality

    Due to a stable pH and EC

The right nutrients for your crop

With simple, liquid fertilizers, you can determine precisely which nutrients your crop gets. So, you are not tied to a pre-composed mix of fertilizers.

Outstanding crop quality

Additionally, it is important that your crop is able to absorb the nutrients well. This prevents disease and assures you of a good crop quality. A correct pH level of the irrigation water is therefore essential. The Priva Nutronic continuously measures the pH level and ensures that the acid is dosed in the correct amount for the recipe.

The Nutronic in practice

You determine the nutrient recipe for your crop and the Priva Connext process computer calculates the exact amount of fertilizers needed. The Priva Nutronic then mixes the liquid fertilizers into a homogeneous mixture in special mixing chambers. This is injected directly into the main pipe, eliminating the need for intermediate tanks and storage tanks. This not only saves you space, but cuts costs as well.

Get to work with efficient water management

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  • No waste of previously made recipes

    The mixture of water and fertilizers is injected directly into the main pipe

  • Safe and efficient

    Very accurate and safe means of mixing recipes

Would you also like precise dosing of liquid fertilizers?

With the Priva Nutronic, you determine exactly the right fertilizer recipe

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