• Establish the ideal climate in every individual space in your building

Whether you are looking for solutions for an office building, school, hospital or museum, you want an ideal climate for your building users. At the same time, you naturally want to deploy your installations as efficiently as possible, without wasting energy and money.

Always the perfect indoor climate

Priva is expert in managing every type of building: hotels, hospitals, museums, office buildings, malls and schools. Even historical chapels, cathedrals or sports stadiums fall under the expertise of Priva. Establishing the perfect climate and comfort for these buildings is a piece of cake with Priva’s building management system.

Our expert about building management

Through the integration of information about issues such as burglar alarms and fire detection, for example, you are not only monitoring the indoor climate in the same area. You also view the status of your other systems and automatically receive alerts about faults or notifications about parts that need replacing. All via a single web-based dashboard that gives you an insight into the performances of your entire building at any time and any place.

Peter Vandendriessche, VP Strategy & Commerce

Peter Vandendriessche - Priva

White paper: Healthy Buildings

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White paper Healthy Buildings | Priva

Save energy and money

With our easy to use graphic interface you always have insight in the vital processes of your building. 

  • You can use this interface for multiple purposes: 
  • You can check the performances of your building anytime, anywhere
  • You can set a desired climate for each individual space
  • You can integrate holidays in your system
  • You can see all your other systems, all packed in this one system
  • You can send service reports

To sum up, we provide you with 24/7 insight of your entire building. Save energy and money via one web-based application. All these different purposes help you with managing your building. Become your own building expert with Priva!

Become your own building management expert!

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