Meiny Prins & The Sustainable Urban Delta

Meiny Prins is the CEO of Priva, and together with Ton Wallast (CFO) she forms the Board of Directors of Priva.

Meiny Prins - CEO Priva

About Meiny Prins

Meiny devotes herself to promoting business sustainability and international development of sustainable solutions in the horticultural business and the built environment. She is a much sought-after authority in this field. With her clear, inspirational message on sustainability, she bridges the gap between companies, governments and sectors.

The Sustainable Urban Delta

To inspire city governments, mayors, architects, city planners, entrepreneurs and individuals for re-thinking the development of cities by creating space for food production for the people of the city, Meiny Prins started the ‘Sustainable Urban Delta’ initiative. The Sustainable Urban Delta is all about the intrinsic quality of people knowing how to deal with problems in an integral way. The opportunities for developing Sustainable Urban Deltas start when rapidly growing metropolises realize that it is necessary to integrate their green belts - where food for the city is produced - in urbanized areas instead of pushing them away. The integration of green belts would create new opportunities on a social, ecological and economic level. It could even be the most tangible way to make the first steps towards a circular economy.

Sustainable Urban Delta

Let's connect!

By sharing this vision, Meiny is looking for allies to continue to develop the ideological framework related to the Sustainable Urban Delta. As megacities arise, we are in urgent need of sustainable solutions. Living ideas and great solutions developed by the citizens themselves, are at hand. Meiny's aspiration is to continue to connect, share and develop ideas within metropolitan areas, stimulating the creation of Sustainable Urban Deltas. Read more about Meiny's vision on the Sustainable Urban Delta on her website and get in touch!