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SK roses: automation project to achieve perfect roses

Greenhouse Automation
Priva FS Performance
SK Roses

A major automation project has been implemented to tie in with the opening of a new SK Roses facility – the company’s third – in De Lier. Due to the opening of the third facility and the associated extra growth, it would no longer be possible to keep track of everything manually. Therefore, the company decided to implement the FS Performance management information system to gain insight into the end-to-end production and harvesting process.

The FS Performance management information system enables SK Quality Roses to closely monitor all the activities and production processes in both the greenhouse and the packing department. The system is based on readers and tags for data capture, enabling both the scheduled and completed activities of all relevant employees to be displayed in a single user-friendly dashboard. Besides that, the system registers all the processes in the central packing department at SK Quality Roses. This provides visibility of not only the productivity of individual employees at the various facilities, but also of the entire logistics process in and around the packing department. Peter Könemann, Account Manager at Priva: “All three SK Quality Roses facilities are now connected to the system. The dashboards are fully up and running and the four Koene brothers are amazed at how much information they can extract from them, enabling the roses to be harvested at precisely the right time with precisely the right quality.”

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Peter Könemann

Manager Sales Horticulture Europe

Peter Könemann