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Construction Academy Bouwcampus is officially opened.

Building Automation

Welcome to the Bouwcampus, home to the construction industry, but also of Confederatie Bouw Limburg, the Construction Academy and Constructiv. The Bouwcampus is also a place where innovation, technology and sustainability will shape the future of construction. Here the doors are open to everyone. Not just for fellow construction companies, but for all stakeholders: architects, engineering offices, knowledge institutions, etc.

Limburg had long needed somewhere where innovation and expertise could come together. The project therefore responds to this need for a base from which the construction industry can provide permanent training. The aim of the Bouwcampus is to act as a magnet to attract innovation to the construction industry.

Innovative technologies

From the initial preparations, the Bouwcampus promised to be a showcase for innovation in the construction sector. Not just through its construction based on the BIM methodology, but also by using 3D printing, drones, virtual reality and augmented reality throughout the construction process.

In addition, our Priva Partner Imtech successfully installed smart HVAC, among others. In this way, all usage can be optimally controlled and monitored, thus minimising energy usage. You can immediately see our solution when you enter the building, because the technical installation is behind a glass wall.

And after completion, the innovative element will not disappear from the Bouwcampus. For the Confederatie Bouw Limburg, Mathieu Gijbels demonstrated a way of developing a permanent digital tour. Based on Beacons installed throughout the building and the connection with an application, every visitor can take a digital tour around the building.

Discover the unique story behind the Construction Academy

Via the Beacon technology, it is the entrance to a world in which you can experience what Transformatie Bouw Limburg has to offer. What smart design choices were made and what special technology did we apply? Discover it in this innovative way!

Want to see exactly where our solutions are installed? Via the "Beleef Bouwcampus" application for smartphone or tablet, and the Beacons throughout the building, you can learn all about the building and what new innovations have been applied.

Discover and experience it yourself!

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Bill Whittaker

Business Development Manager

Bill Whittaker