Temperature sensor

Improve indoor comfort and well-being with smart temperature sensors.

Discover our innovative line of smart temperature sensors, designed to prioritise comfort and well-being by optimising indoor climate in buildings.

We understand the crucial role temperature plays in creating a pleasant environment for building users, whether in offices, healthcare or commercial spaces. Our advanced sensors allow you to accurately measure and manage indoor temperatures, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant indoor environment for everyone. Explore our temperature sensor product range and embark on a journey to a healthier, happier environment.


What is a temperature sensor?

A temperature sensor is a crucial component in modern building management systems, tasked with measuring ambient temperatures to ensure optimal comfort and efficiency. These sensors come in various forms, from cable sensors to immersion sensors, each tailored to specific applications and environments. By continuously monitoring temperature levels, these sensors play a vital role in creating a comfortable indoor climate that promotes well-being and productivity.

How does a temperature sensor work?

Temperature sensors operate on the principle of detecting changes in temperature and converting them into electrical signals that can be interpreted by building management systems. Most sensors utilize a sensing element, such as a thermistor or a thermocouple, which exhibits a change in electrical resistance or voltage in response to temperature variations. This change is then measured and processed to provide accurate temperature readings. Whether embedded in cables, mounted on walls, or strapped onto surfaces, temperature sensors work tirelessly to maintain optimal temperature levels, ensuring occupants enjoy a consistently comfortable environment.

Product details

Measure indoor temperature

Widely applicable
Generally applicable in process and building management systems
Easy installation
Can be quickly installed in any location.
Modern design
Its modern design means that the sensor will fit into almost any interior and can therefore be suspended in a visible position.

Types of temperature sensors

Temperature sensors come in a variety of types, each with its own unique features and applications tailored to specific needs. Whether you choose cable sensors, immersion sensors, wall-mount sensors or strap-on sensors, you can rely on our innovative technology to create an optimal indoor climate that improves occupants' comfort. 

1. Cable sensors

Our cable sensors can be seamlessly integrated into building management systems and provide accurate temperature control throughout the day. By maintaining an ideal temperature range, these sensors create a comfortable environment that increases productivity and promotes well-being. Thanks to their maintenance-free design and easy installation, you can enjoy hassle-free climate management without sacrificing efficiency.

2. Immersion sensors

Experience ultimate comfort with our immersion sensors, which provide precise temperature control for heating and cooling systems. By precisely controlling indoor temperatures, these sensors create a cosy atmosphere that promotes relaxation and tranquillity. With their robust construction and user-friendly features, you can rely on our immersion sensors to maintain a perfect balance of warmth and comfort in any room.

3. Wall-mounted sensors

Elevate your environment with our wall-mounted sensors, designed to fit seamlessly into any interior. Providing accurate temperature readings, these sensors create a harmonious indoor environment that promotes well-being and relaxation. With their modern design and intuitive operation, our wall-mounted sensors enable you to create a comfortable haven where residents can thrive and rejuvenate.

4. Room sensors for wall mounting

Offering precise temperature control for both indoor and outdoor environments, our wall-mounted room sensors increase comfort and well-being wherever you are. With their versatile mounting options and robust construction, these sensors deliver reliable performance in any environment, from residential to commercial spaces. By optimising the indoor climate, our room wall sensors promote a sense of well-being that resonates with occupants throughout the day.

5. Strap-on temperature sensors

Experience unparalleled comfort with our strap-on temperature sensors, designed to optimise heating systems and improve indoor well-being. By accurately measuring temperature, these sensors create a cosy environment that promotes relaxation and satisfaction. With their high protection rating and easy installation, our strap-on sensors enable you to prioritise comfort and well-being in any building environment.


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