Temperature and humidity sensors: State-of-the-art design

Measurement of relative air humidity and temperature.

Explore Priva's state-of-the-art Temperature and Humidity Sensors, designed to revolutionize building climate management.

Our advanced sensors provide accurate and real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity levels, allowing you to maintain the ideal indoor environment for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

Product details

Measure air humidity and temperature

Depending on the version, the sensor measures relative air humidity and temperature. The sensor has been specifically designed for use in air treatment systems. Versions are available for measurements in a room or in an air duct.

Measurement of relative air humidity and temperature
The probe has a high-quality measuring sensor that is covered by a membrane filter. The membrane filter extends the service life, improves the measurement results, and also improves the long-term stability of the measurements in dusty or dirty environments.
The version for measurements in a room is mounted on a wall. The version for measurements in an air duct is mounted with a flange and rubber seal on the probe in the air duct. The plastic housing and IP65 rating protect the electronics from environmental influences.
The sensor does not need to be adjusted or periodically calibrated. In combination with its robust housing, this means that the sensor does not require any maintenance.


  • measurement of relative air humidity and
  • for measurements in rooms or air ducts
  • VAC or VDC supply voltage
  • sensor with protective membrane filter
  • robust housing
  • maintenance-free

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