Motion Sensors: Advanced presence detection sensors

Discover smarter space management with our motion detector.

Illuminate spaces intelligently with our Motion Detector, revolutionizing the way we interact with our environment.

This innovative solution redefines presence detection, optimizing lighting and energy efficiency. Designed for seamless ceiling integration, this sensor instantly identifies human presence and movements, adapting lighting accordingly. With a 360° detection angle and an 8-meter range, it ensures comprehensive coverage. Powered by advanced passive infrared sensors, it responds sensitively to even subtle motions. Installation is easy, and customization is effortless via an infrared remote control.

Product details

Key features

Wide 360° detection angle with an impressive 8-meter range
Highly sensitive detection capabilities
Designed for ceiling installation
Quick and straightforward installation
Pre-programmed for immediate use
Customizable functions via remote control

Purpose and Potential

Our ceiling-installed motion detector serves as a superior occupancy sensor, adept at detecting the presence and movements of individuals within a space, consequently triggering lighting activation. Remarkably sensitive, it can even capture subtle movements.

The motion detector's expansive 360° detection angle and an 8-meter range make it suitable for larger rooms, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Operational Insights

The presence detection mechanism relies on passive sensors that harness infrared energy. As individuals emit heat, their presence is detected by measuring fluctuations in infrared energy. This enables the sensor to discern movement within the room, prompting the lighting channel to activate for a user-defined duration based on the preset light value.

Effortless Integration

Installation is a breeze with the provided spring clamps or clamping ring. The motion detector's compact size and lengthy connecting cable allow for smooth integration even within suspended ceilings.

Out-of-the-Box and Beyond

Equipped with a factory program, the motion detector is instantly operational upon installation, functioning based on preset parameters. Further customization is enabled through an infrared remote control, which facilitates adjustments such as:

  • Duration for keeping the lights on after presence is no longer detected
  • Light level threshold for activating lighting when presence is detected

Please note that the remote control is available separately, allowing you to tailor the motion detector to your specific needs.

Experience an advanced dimension of presence detection with our Motion Detector. Illuminate spaces intelligently and efficiently, with precision and ease.

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