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Wall mounted indoor air quality monitoring sensors

Step into the future of indoor air quality monitoring with our Wall-Mounted CO2, Humidity, and Temperature Sensors.
Experience accurate insights with ease – explore our Wall-Mounted Sensors today

Designed for versatility, these indoor air quality sensors offer tailored solutions for diverse applications. Powered by advanced NDIR CO2 technology, they ensure precision without the need for frequent calibration. With options for various outputs and minimal maintenance, these sensors redefine how you monitor and optimize indoor spaces.

Product details

Key features

Available in multiple versions for diverse needs
Long-term accuracy ensured
NDIR CO2 sensor with automatic calibration

Other features

  • Temperature compensation feature

  • Hassle-free installation

  • Versatility at its Core

Various versions

Our indoor air quality monitoring sensors come in various iterations, ensuring a perfect fit for every application.

  • Measures temperature, CO2, and/or relative air humidity
  • Offers analog outputs or digital RS485 output
  • Provides digital RS485 output for BACnet or Modbus integration
  • Choice between models with or without LCD screen

LCD Screen Insight

The integrated LCD screen cycles through the various measured values, providing real-time insights.

Digital RS485 Output

Sensors featuring a digital RS485 output boast BACnet or Modbus compatibility. The RS485 output enables seamless sharing of measured values within BACnet or Modbus interfaces.

Precision Redefined

Built on Dual Wavelength Nondispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology, our CO2 measuring cell automatically compensates for aging effects and remains resilient to contamination. Manual calibration becomes a thing of the past, ensuring sustained high accuracy even in the long run.

Effortless Installation

Directly mount the sensor on a wall or a standard flush-fit box. The detachable front facilitates easy wiring connections.

Minimal Upkeep

Our measuring sensors thrive on minimal maintenance. In dusty environments, occasional cleaning of the air inlet grid prevents inaccuracies. A gentle brush or a light damp cloth (water only) does the job effectively.

Experience the future of precise environmental sensing with our Wall-Mounted CO2, Humidity, and Temperature Sensors.


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