Air Duct CO2 Sensors

Enhanced air handling insights.

Achieve advanced air quality management with our Air Duct CO2 Sensors.

Explore the transformative capabilities of our Air Duct CO2 Sensors and elevate your approach to air quality management.

Designed for air duct measurements, these sensors redefine how we optimize air handling systems. By providing accurate insights into CO2 levels, they empower informed decisions for healthier, more efficient environments. Built on Dual Wavelength Nondispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology, their long-term accuracy remains uncompromised.

Product details

Key features

Our Air Duct CO2 Sensors are purpose-built for precision measurements within air ducts. They provide accurate, reliable insights into CO2 levels, making them essential for optimizing air quality.

Tailored for air duct measurements
Effortless installation
Long-term accuracy assured

Functionality and application

Air fom the duct is directed through the probe into the CO2 measuring cell housed within the unit. This process ensures thorough and dependable CO2 readings.

Precision redefined

Driven by Dual Wavelength Nondispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology, the CO2 measuring cell compensates for aging effects and remains immune to contamination. The result is a consistently high level of accuracy, even over extended periods.

Seamless installation

The installation process is seamless. The probe is securely positioned within the air duct using a mounting flange equipped with a rubber seal. This ensures both stability and a reliable connection.

Experience the next level of air handling insights with our Air Duct CO2 Sensors. Elevate your understanding of air quality and make informed decisions for healthier, more efficient environments.

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