Dew point sensor and condensation monitor

Water and condensation detection sensors

An innovative solution that sets new standards in water and condensation detection.

Introducing our Condensation and Dew Point Monitoring System

Stay ahead of moisture challenges with early alerts, automated control, and robust housing, all designed to create comfortable and controlled spaces. Explore how our system transforms environmental monitoring, ensuring optimal conditions with simplicity and precision.

Product details

Key features

Early identification of condensation and dew point occurrence
Switching contact for automated control system management
Simple hassle-free installation and virtually maintenance-free
Sturdy casing featuring LED indicators


The Condensation/Dew Point Monitoring System plays a crucial role in detecting the development of condensation, particularly on cooled ceilings and within heating, ventilation, and air conditioning setups.

It is also employed for signaling the point at which the dew point is attained.

Upon measuring air humidity at 90%, an activated switching contact interfaces with automated control systems. This mechanism can trigger actions such as activating heating to mitigate condensation.

Durable Casing with LED Alerts

The housing design is both compact and rugged, fortified by a special protective layer that renders both the sensor and electronics impervious to dust and grime. An LED indicator on the housing flashes as a warning of potential condensation risks.

  • Continuous Red LED < 90% RH: Operational state < 90% RH
  • Flashing LED: Condensation risk detected

Effortless Setup

Installing the Condensation/Dew Point Monitoring System is a breeze. It can be affixed to walls, lines, and pipes up to 50 mm in diameter.


Need more specifications?

Download our detailed product sheet for the dew point sensor and condensation monitor.


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