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Air pressure sensor: Precise air pressure measurement

Step into a realm of unparalleled air pressure measurement with our cutting-edge Air Pressure Sensors, featuring 0-10 Vdc Auto Calibration.
Experience precision reimagined with our Air Pressure Sensors.

These sensors redefine accuracy, offering adaptability across various applications. From overpressure to vacuum and pressure differences, these sensors excel in delivering reliable results. With adjustable ranges and automatic zero calibration, they ensure hassle-free, precise measurements. Discover our dual-variant lineup, catering to accuracy needs from industrial to pharmaceutical sectors.

Product details

Key features

Active pressure difference sensor
Compatible with AC or DC power supply
Measures overpressure, vacuum, or pressure differences

Other features

  • Adjustable measurement range for versatility

  • Automatic zero calibration for maintenance-free operation

  • Available in two distinct versions


Our active air pressure sensors excel at measuring overpressure, vacuum, or pressure differences for non-combustible and non-corrosive gases, making them an ideal fit for air treatment systems. Their applications extend to tasks such as filter and fan monitoring.

Operating Principle

These sensors feature a measuring cell that gauges pressure or flow, generating an output signal correlated to the measured value. The adjustable measurement range can be fine-tuned using provided jumpers. It's important to maintain stable ambient temperatures, particularly when measuring low pressures, to minimize temperature drift. Additional factors like turbulence can be mitigated by selecting an appropriate time constant through jumpers.

Effortless Installation

For optimal performance, mount the sensor vertically with the cable gland facing downwards. Ensuring freedom from vibrations and environmental factors such as turbulence is essential. The weatherproof plastic housing, coupled with an IP54 rating, provides defense against external influences.

Air is directed to the measuring cell through flexible hoses attached to the hose nipples. This design allows for flexible installation at a distance from the measurement point.

Automatic Zero Calibration

These sensors shine with their automatic zero calibration feature. Calibration is conducted every 5 minutes, effectively compensating for temperature drift. This ensures precise measurements without the need for manual or factory calibration.

Two Precision Variants

Choose between two versions. One boasts a 3 Pa accuracy, while the other, with an accuracy of 0.5 Pa, proves optimal for pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

Discover how our Air Pressure Sensors with 0-10 Vdc Auto Calibration elevate precision and reliability in pressure measurement.


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