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Vegetable cultivation: optimal greenhouse production

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08 January 2022

The cultivation of fruiting vegetables requires maximum flexibility to enable growers to control the greenhouse climate and water dosage in their own way. Priva offers every possible option for this.

  • Growing the best climate: Control all aspects of climate, energy and water management
  • Balance your growth: Easy planning for both today and tomorrow
  • Easy to use: Our solutions calculate the best strategy for you
  • More insight: All data is registered and available at your fingertips

High level control

As a vegetable grower, you face multiple challenges each day. Varying from short-term goals such as harvesting your full-grown crop on time to future decisions like planning the plant load for next season. Of course, a high level of control can be reached with crop labor, climate and water dosage. As you know, the plant load should be such that the crop will not be depleted after a sudden peak in production. Maintaining the balance in the crop is the biggest challenge facing growers of fruiting vegetables. And because every decision affects another, you’ll need maximum flexibility to manage your greenhouse climate and water.

Growing the best climate for you

At Priva, we are experts at greenhouse climate control. Building on many years of experience, we offer every possible solution for managing your greenhouse climate and ensuring the best crop growth.

With our easy-to-use software, managing your climate strategy is very simple. This allows you to always choose the right climate at any given moment. This ensures the highest crop revenue, due to the fact that your plants are less vulnerable for diseases. It also allows choosing for generative or vegetative growth, whatever fits your needs! Discover all our horticulture solutions.

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For us as entrepreneurs, it is important that we can have reliable management information quickly.
Tomato Grower

Tomato Grower

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Control at your fingertips

The fully integrated horticultural automation system means that all equipment in your greenhouse works together to achieve the optimal situation for your crop. Air vents, screens, CO2 dosage, water dosage and many more systems are balanced to create the perfect growing environment. And because all these are linked together, you can view all processes and settings on a single device such as your smartphone.

Data registration

For making the best decisions possible, every single shard of data is important. With our FS Performance, you’ll be able to link labor performance, production data, and quality together. All this not only for your total greenhouse, but even down to a single path. It enables you to take the right decision every time, based on up-to-date data and insights.

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Peter Könemann

Manager Sales Horticulture Europe

Peter Könemann