Priva and HortiTech join forces for R&D greenhouse

10 March 2024

Priva and HortiTech are entering into a partnership for the new R&D greenhouse in Honselersdijk. The greenhouse will serve as a knowledge center for greenhouse horticulture, focusing on research, development and training. As an official partner, Priva will test innovations in hardware and software in the greenhouse. The greenhouse is scheduled to officially open around the end of May, with the exact date still to be announced.

Innovating jointly
HortiTech, Harmoniz and Metazet bought the greenhouse in Honselersdijk at the end of 2023. The final touches are now being put on the greenhouse. As a member of HortiTech's Proud Partner Program, Priva is also part of this initiative. The aim of the R&D greenhouse is to enable partners and customers to innovate together, to gain knowledge and to pass it on to customers and trainees in a practical manner.

Hans Peters, Priva: “I am really pleased with this partnership. I notice there is a great demand in the market for the opportunity to come see and assess our innovations as they are put into practice. To be able to use HortiTech's cultivation knowledge to grow in a more predictable, scalable and sustainable manner. And to create a facility where we can contribute to raising the skill level of growers worldwide, so that they can become experts in their field.”

Pim van Adrichem, HortiTech: “We see the demand for knowledge increasing every year, all over the world. For us, the focus is on practical situations; showing how knowledge (in the form of products or services) pays off in a cultivation environment. We have to tackle this together, which is why we are very happy with this long-term partnership with Priva; it allows us to take a longer view and really focus on the needs of the market.”

Sustainable collaboration
HortiTech has been working closely with Priva in terms of training and consultancy for a long time now. For example, various HortiTech training courses can be found in the Priva Academy, Priva's online learning environment. In addition, HortiTech has a lot of experience with consultancy for Plantonomy, Priva's cultivation software that uses smart algorithms to follow the biorhythm of the plant. Plantonomy's developments will also be tested in the R&D greenhouse. Additionally, it provides training facilities and opportunities for demonstrations.

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