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New courses at Priva Academy in collaboration with HortiTech

30 November 2021

The Priva Academy provides knowledge and training on a wide range of horticultural subjects. To enable us to expand our knowledge offer even further, we are now starting to collaborate with other organizations. We are therefore delighted to announce that the first new courses in collaboration with HortiTech are now available.

The HortiTech courses that will be added to the Priva Academy focus on various subjects such as cultivation and irrigation strategies, planning, maintenance, and labor. As a Priva Academy user, you can take the first ‘Introduction Core’ training free of charge.

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Training available in Academy Shop

Besides the free training, there are two more courses available. These can be found in our new Academy Shop. If you are a registered Priva Academy user, you will automatically have access to the shop. There you will be able to buy courses for a small fee. When you buy a training course, it is added to your personal course catalog.

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Discover how it works

In this instruction video we explain how the Academy Shop works, how to find our free training, and how to buy courses.

About HortiTech

HortiTech specializes in developing and sharing knowledge. Pim van Adrichem, HortiTech: “We do this not only by setting up and carrying out research, but also by developing training courses and offering them to a worldwide audience with the focus on practical cultivation and technology.”

The market for specialized, practical horticultural knowledge is vast, and the audience is worldwide. "We believe in working with strong partners to meet the demand for knowledge together. By working with the Priva Academy, we can introduce specialist horticultural courses to a wide audience, thereby enabling them to expand their knowledge even further,” Van Adrichem says. You can find more information about HortiTech on their website.

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