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Plantonomy for stable growth and predictable harvest

04 June 2021

To keep their customers happy and to get the best price for their products, it is very important for growers to be able to predict harvests as accurately as possible.

With the right knowledge of the status of the crop and a prediction of conditions, most growers are these days able to predict harvests reasonably accurately. Nevertheless, there are many conditions that can disrupt crop growth. For example, a rapidly warming greenhouse after a cold night can cause problems. This can impede growth and make harvest forecasts less accurate. To get the most out of the crop, it is important to keep the plant growing as regularly and with as few disruptions as possible. Regularity will ensure that the plant develops and grows the same way each cultivation. This stability ensures an even growth every consecutive harvest. Regular growth therefore ensures predictable cultivation.

How Plantonomy delivers stable growth

Plantonomy steers the plant's active transpiration in a biorhythm, continuously maintaining the general requirements for the climate. With this cultivation principle, controlling the crop based on specific environmental conditions becomes less important than the regular growth of the plant. Additionally, there may be environmental conditions, such as temperature and RH, that are different from what growers are used to. Leaving these factors to Plantonomy to manage ensures stable and uniform crop development.

Plantonomy Illustration

These days, most crops are grown based on a 24-hour strategy to control the environmental conditions in the greenhouse, such as temperature and RH. The systems in each compartment are controlled separately based on this data. Plantonomy uses real-time readings with the crop as the main source of data rather than the microclimate around it. This system, which runs autonomously, immediately identifies changes in transpiration and adjusts the controls at the crop level where needed. This method causes minimal disruption to the biorhythm of the plants, allowing the crop to develop optimally.

Predictable harvests with Plantonomy

Plantonomy prevents disruptions in the plant's biorhythm, so it experiences less stress. This ensures that every fruit and truss on the plant can grow regularly and evenly. The crop can then be harvested on the predicted date. External conditions, such as a wintry shower passing overhead or having insect netting installed to keep out pests, will no longer cause problems. Plantonomy offers every grower the ability to achieve stable growth and therefore predictable, consistent yields. Buyers can rely on delivery agreements, which means that at the end of the day, you, the grower, will get the best price for your product.

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Peter Könemann

Manager Sales Horticulture Europe

Peter Könemann