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How to improve the flexibility of your production strategy

31 July 2020

You’re striving to achieve the optimal climate for your crops every day, and you’ve entered the relevant production settings into your process computer to help you do so. However, you’ll still need to adjust your production strategy regularly due to changes both in the weather and in the seasons. Priva consultant Hein Jasperse shares his tips for using the ‘Corrections’ functionality to improve the flexibility of your production strategy.

The production strategy

Entering your production strategy into your Priva process computer enables you to create the optimal climate for your crops every day. For example, inputting your heating pipe and vent strategy into the Priva Connext process computer will ensure that the greenhouse is heated and ventilated at the right time. However, this is probably based on a situation in which the energy curtains (screens) are uncovered. If the weather conditions change later on in the day, reducing the amount of natural light entering the greenhouse or causing a significant drop in the outdoor temperature, you might decide to close the curtains. Needless to say, this will affect your greenhouse climate; the insulating effect of the curtains means that the greenhouse will retain more heat and humidity. So how can you react to such changes without having to continually adjust the settings manually? The ‘Corrections’ functionality in the Priva Connext process computer offers the solution.

Tip: Production flexibility based on corrections

To take account of how closing the curtains affects your greenhouse climate, you need to improve the flexibility of your production strategy. But how? The user interface in the Priva Connext process computer is called Priva Office Direct. This dashboard contains a ‘Corrections’ tab which enables you to set up corrections for your vent, heating pipe, heating and ventilation strategies. The corrections are then automatically activated under certain conditions, such as when the curtains are closed (and the crop is covered).

How does it work in practice?

It’s not unusual for a day to start off with lots of sunshine, only for it to become increasingly cloudy as the day progresses, causing the temperature to fall. If the radiation level and outside temperature drop to a predefined level in the late afternoon, the curtains will close. Your computer will ‘see’ that one of the correction criteria has been met (i.e. that the curtains are closed). This will activate the correction you have set up, e.g. regarding the vent strategy. The correction feature ensures that the vents are opened wider if the curtains are covered in order to allow humid air to escape. In the correction criteria, you can also indicate that the correction to the vent strategy will only be activated if the curtain position, for example, is 90%. This prevents the correction from starting while the curtain is still mostly uncovered. This enables you to ensure the optimal climate for your crop at all times!

Watch the video to find out how to set up a correction in your Priva Connext dashboard!

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Peter Könemann