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How to automatically shift periods in Priva Connext

27 September 2023

The Priva Connext climate computer has a wide range of options for automating processes in the greenhouse. ‘Period shift’ is one of these. This feature enables you to have the start and end time of a particular period in your cultivation strategy automatically brought forward or delayed based on a measured value of your choice. Another time-saving win!


In both Priva Office Direct and Priva Operator you can now set a period shift for a particular strategy. Take the irrigation strategy, for example, which consists of various periods depending on the crop. If there have been low levels of solar radiation during the day, you can set your irrigation to end earlier. The crop can then enter the night period earlier and the root environment won’t be too wet during the night. When you configure a period shift, the process runs automatically based on the radiation sum achieved at a particular time.

"It's very useful when you go on vacation. The process is automated, so you don't have to worry about anything."

Easy to use

Kees van Uffelen, crop manager at Ammerlaan Growers, rates the option highly: “It’s very practical when you’re on vacation. The control automates the process and you don’t have to think about it. Also, the crop always remains the most important factor in your day-to-day operations. So it’s great that you can automate this.”

Priva Operator

In Priva Office Direct, the control can be accessed using hotkey I107. It can also be used in Priva Operator, the application for remote monitoring and managing of conditions in the greenhouse.
Need more information about this or other controls? In Priva Office Direct, when you are on the Period Shift page you can press F1 to open the relevant user manual. There you will find more information on how to use Period Shift in Connext. In addition, the Priva Support Center is available daily to answer your questions.

Priva Consultancy

Did you know that Priva consultants can help you translate your preferred cultivation strategy into the right settings in your climate computer? This way you can get the most out of your existing measurement and control system. Our consultants are also happy to talk through your cultivation strategies with you. 

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