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Priva and Blue Radix: Accelerating autonomous greenhouses

During GreenTech Amsterdam, Priva and Blue Radix have signed an agreement to strengthen and expand their partnership.
13 June 2023

Together they work towards accelerating autonomous greenhouses where hardware and software are smoothly combined to accommodate tomorrow's changes.

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The companies already serve a fast growing group of joint customers with data & AI driven solutions. With this agreement as its fundament, even more greenhouse growers worldwide can be assured of robust data connections, reliable services and continuous improvement of functionalities. Growers can get the most out of their data. The potential for optimized operational efficiencies and more predictable and precise control are endless.

“Growers should always be in charge of choosing the right service provider and how they want their greenhouse installations to operate. At Priva we want to unlock innovations and relevant technologies for our customers. This includes Priva products and services such as Plantonomy, as well as applications from partners such as Blue Radix. We believe that the future of horticulture lies not just in further optimization, but in increased flexibility, integration and collaboration. An open eco-system in which best-in-class solutions can connect”, explains Meiny Prins, CEO of Priva.

Ronald Hoek, CEO of Blue Radix, adds: “Blue Radix develops algorithms to optimize and autonomously realize daily operational processes in greenhouses. With our solutions for autonomous growing growers achieve better operational and more predictable results whilst being able to manage more hectares. With this partnership all growers with Priva process computers can be assured of a robust solution where Priva’s process computer, cloud services and API-connections are smoothly connected to Blue Radix steering algorithms. The grower’s data is secured and will only be used for its sole benefit.”

Although both companies work in the same field of greenhouse operations, they are also complementary. Blue Radix doesn’t offer hardware and is an independent specialist in autonomous growing, optimizing and realizing the growers’ unique crop strategy with AI. Priva is market leader and has a wide range of hardware and software solutions that can bring growers even more value when connected to Blue Radix’ software via Priva’s API services.

Meiny Prins, continues: “The value for our customers has our highest priority. Every day we work on creating the right climate for strategic growth for horticulture specialists and entrepreneurs around the world. And we believe digitalization and data unlocks so much more than we can develop as Priva alone. While embracing this new world, we are working with our partners to unlock new value. Blue Radix is a very good example of a company that does just that. Priva is an integrator and enables growers to use innovations in the best way possible: Together we’ll go forth, step-by-step, towards autonomous greenhouses, and sustainable, connected and collaborative futures.”

About Blue Radix
Blue Radix is the independent specialist and market leader in Autonomous Growing. Blue Radix creates automated intelligence for almost all daily decisions and actions in greenhouses. With the continuous growth of the world population, the need for healthy and safe food is increasing. Therefore, the greenhouse horticulture business is scaling up on a global level. But this scaling cannot be achieved due to an increasing scarcity of experienced growers. Blue Radix offers solutions for these worldwide challenges: the AI-driven services empower growers with a digital brain for their greenhouse. Growers can manage 4 times more hectares, whilst improving yield and reducing the usage of resources. 


Dirk Prins

Strategic Business Manager

Dirk Prins