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Hein Jasperse explores new greenhouse energy saving training

24 January 2022

Following a series of training sessions on the theme of climate management in greenhouses last fall, our agronomic consultant Hein Jasperse visited the POs of the west of France at the beginning of the year for new training sessions on energy saving.

Hein Jasperse

During four half-days dedicated to Saveol, Maraichers d'Armor, Solarenn and Océane, Hein Jasperse gave advice on how to control the different equipment at stake in the climate when the price of gas is rising. With the decision keys he explained to the participants, they are able to find a better compromise between the ideal climate for the plant and the control of energy consumption. He explained to them, for example, which periods it is possible to heat less or, on the contrary, to exploit the free heat of the sun to the maximum, and described the points of adjustment on which it is possible to act in this sense.

Hein Jasperse