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How to save energy with artificial intelligence (AI)

Find out how artificial intelligence can help us make energy savings in buildings.
Building Automation
31 July 2020

If we look at the world around us, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more present in our daily lives. Some think it’s fantastic while others might find it terrifying.

The truth is that technology is neither good nor bad. It all depends on how you use it and what you use it for. AI can play a major role in optimizing energy savings. Before we get into that, let’s discuss what AI exactly is.

Artificial intelligence: robots and world domination

When people think of AI, the first thing that often comes to mind are disastrous images of self-conscious robots that want to destroy mankind and take over the world, as shown in many popular movies. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Artificial intelligence is designed to simulate human thinking. So, AI software has the ability to think and act on its own. In Building Automation this means AI can greatly contribute to improving maintenance, comfort and energy savings. For now, let’s focus on how AI can help reduce the energy consumption of a building.


Checklist: 7 steps to save energy in your building

In our 7-step checklist, you will find seven ‘quick wins’ that you can implement immediately to start saving energy and decarbonizing your building.

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How artificial intelligence will save the planet

Our planet has scarce green energy sources. Therefore, it is essential to use and store energy in a clever way. Artificial intelligence is up for this task. The technology is self-learning and operates on its own, without human interference. In fact, by integrating AI in your building you can “teach” your building to search for the best renewable energy sources to use, store and generate.

Using AI in buildings is like operating a self-driving car. You choose your destination and the car will take you there, in the fastest and safest manner possible. The same applies to your building. You enter your preferences in the system and the building looks for the best renewable energy source to use.

A perfect example – Priva ecoBuilding

Priva ecoBuilding is a perfect example of how AI can be used to reduce energy consumption. The software optimizes the comfort level in the building and at the same time it lowers the energy use. ecoBuilding concerns a completely new software tool, which is an add-on to an existing building automation system. It’s a cloud-based service that can be implemented from any vendor.

Once configured, the intelligent software looks ahead 24 hours, calculating scenarios based on combinations of events that are most likely to occur. This enables the software to learn about the behavior of a building and the influence of factors like the changing supply of renewable energy sources. And weather conditions, like outside air temperature, sun and wind. It then uses this information to use climate installations and available energy sources of the building in a smarter way. Renewable and sustainable energy sources are used before other sources are activated, which results in saving up to 25% of energy costs. The software controls the installations in such a way that a minimum of energy is needed to accomplish the optimal climate, taking energy prices into consideration at the same time. This sounds good, right?

We can conclude that world domination and evil robots are out of the question. On the contrary, using self-learning software can save energy without having to get involved yourself. So, we could state that you can help saving the planet just from your couch.

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Bill Whittaker

Business Development Manager

Bill Whittaker