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How to achieve: Higher building ROI, better health & comfort

Building Automation
31 July 2020

Turn your building into a shining example of comfort and health in which people enjoying working and spending time. An intelligent and flexible building management system allows you to create a healthy indoor climate with the best possible air quality and thermal comfort – and obtain a higher return on investment from your building. How can you do that? Find out in the whitepaper. Request it now for free.

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Air quality, thermal comfort, daylight and acoustics all have a key influence on how people feel in a building, and thus also on their productivity. With an intelligent and flexible building management system, you can make sure your building is tailored to people’s needs. In addition, your building will become an attractive investment.

Think of the building management system as the brain of your building. It is the place from which all the technical functions that produce a healthy and comfortable indoor climate are controlled. Whether we’re talking about an office building, a school, a hospital, a hotel or a museum, your building’s brain must work optimally. And just as important: you must be able to manage it efficiently yourself.

Like to know more? There are (at least) four reasons for you to download this white paper:

1. Higher comfort, lower costs

We can help you achieve optimum comfort, energy savings and sustainability, while keeping the total cost of ownership of your building management as low as possible. In addition, you can seamlessly link our solutions to security systems, flexible work stations, access systems and cleaning contracts. That’s useful, as it enables you to increase productivity while reducing your operating costs. You can do all that with Priva ECO, which allows the system to function even more intelligently based on predictive information about the weather and the use of the building.

2. Your building as a personal assistant

Thanks to our cooperation with bGrid®, Priva can even help you turn your building into your users’ personal assistant. How? With smart, connected sensors that measure temperature, light, humidity, CO2 and occupancy, you can save on energy and cleaning, for instance. But you can also use bGrid® to allow your employees to find available working or meeting places more quickly.

3. Continuous monitoring and optimisation, all the time

Is the comfort level optimal? Are the systems functioning as they should? How high is the energy consumption? Could maintenance be more efficient and cheaper? Discover how you can get insight 24/7 which enables you to optimise continuously. This includes, for instance, our BI Metrics tools, which allow you to continuously test the performance of your system. This saves you a lot of money and keeps the total cost of ownership of your building management under control.

4. In line with the latest laws and regulations

What are the relevant regulations and legislation? And what is the impact of, for instance, the requirement to have an EMS? What criteria must your building meet in accordance with sustainability certifications such as BREEAM? Priva will give you the advice you need.

Like to know more?

1 in 3 large buildings in the Netherlands use a Priva solution. And more and more international customers are choosing our sustainable products that contribute to comfort and health. We are immensely proud of that. It encourages us to keep on innovating. We would be delighted to take a look at what we can do for you. Want to read more about health and comfort in buildings? Download our whitepaper here.

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Bill Whittaker

Business Development Manager

Bill Whittaker