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Forward thinking 3: Digital services to help your business decarbonize

Digital Services
07 September 2023

In the final blog of our series about ‘forward thinking’ businesses, we look at the benefits of investing in a cloud-based intelligent building management system.

In part 1 and part 2 of this blog series, we took an in-depth look at the subject of future-scanning and business reinvention. Drawing on a recent survey by global accounting firm PwC of 4,410 CEOs across 105 countries and territories  (1), we explored the many challenges now facing businesses – including climate change and the battle to remain profitable. 

We also showed how technology can help companies make progress on multiple fronts. In particular, we looked at the impact that updating outdated building technologies for the latest solutions can be a big part of business renewal. As well as helping companies save money on energy at a time of high prices, this change can also make a significant contribution to reducing their carbon output. 

But it’s only by installing a building management system (BMS) that these improvements can be maximized. A good BMS allows a company to monitor its energy consumption and eliminate any waste. Its calculations can also be a key element in drawing up a long-term Net Zero plan. 

In this blog, we focus specifically on our suite of Priva Digital Services and the contribution they can make to business reinvention. 

Advanced building technologies 

Priva has decades of experience in developing solutions for building management, building automation and energy management. Historically, these solutions – which include the flagship Priva Blue ID control system – have tended to be operated and managed on-premise at the customer’s facilities. But thanks to the rise of robust cloud platforms, many customers now benefit from the flexibility of a cloud-based BMS. 

For Priva, this has resulted in a comprehensive suite of cloud-based digital solutions called Priva Digital Services. At the core of three packages within Priva Digital Services is Priva Building Operator. This cloud-connected application offers a host of real-time insights into the status of the customer’s building systems. It also allows adjustments to the BMS from any device or location – perfect for today when working patterns are more varied and a lot of maintenance happens remotely. 

With this app and secure cloud operation as the foundation of the Starter package, two other packages add extra features. Essentials also include remote commissioning, a notification centre, and historical data storage. Plus option includes all of the above as well as a customizable dashboard and the powerful Priva Analytics feature, which supports the creation of customized automatic data reports. 

Flexibility in terms of access and management is a big bonus of moving to the cloud – but certainly not the only one. For a start, there is the security that only a globally renowned cloud technology provider can supply. Priva Digital Services, which is provided by Microsoft Azure, continually places within the top 3 cloud providers for market share globally. 

This means that companies around the world have entrusted Microsoft with their most critical data and operations. Backing up this trust is a dedicated cybersecurity team focused on beating existing and emerging threats. As cyber risks figure highly in the PwC CEO survey, it’s clear that a cloud-based BMS can help address at least three big areas of concern. 

Stay secure  

In addition, the use of a cloud-based platform means that companies can take advantage of new features – including security upgrades – as soon as they become available. There is no longer any need to wait for on-site upgrades which can also be expensive. 

Investing in Priva Digital Services can therefore transform your use of building technologies, saving resources and energy. In terms of planning business reinvention that is pragmatic and cost-effective, you couldn’t make a better first step. 




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