Building Connectivity: the Power of connecting to your data with API’s

  • Always in control of your data

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Building Connectivity: the Power of connecting to your data with API’s

With Privas APIs you can easily connect third-party applications - or your own software -  to the data in your building.

Why an API?

If you have easy, reliable access to the data in your building, the potential for optimized operational efficiencies – and more precise control - is endless. To make this happen, you’ll need to use an API (Application Programming Interface). An API is how software talks to software.

Priva’s APIs are really simple to use. You’re able to undertake the set-up yourself and decide which software needs access to which data – and from which building. If you want to amend or edit permissions and access, you’re in control – as no re-engineering or access to the local system is necessary. In fact, everything can be done online, and in seconds. This isn’t just quicker, it’s cost efficient too. And, it’s more more secure.

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Realtime data API

The Priva Realtime Data API is a package consisting of two complementary APIs. The first one enables you to get live data from your system, while the second one enables you to control the system by sending it new setpoints. This package is an add-on that’s available for the Priva Digital Services (PDS) Essentials and Plus packages.

Historical data API (coming soon!)

Connect software to the Historical data stored in your Priva package. It’s an add-on that will be available for the Priva Digital Services (PDS) Essentials and Plus packages.

Self Service & Access Control

Using Access Control in the Building Operator application, you can easily select which buildings are available to the API. Plus, it’s simple to give/remove access to specific applications that access the API.

Get the most out of your data

If you want to get the most out of your data, you need easy easy access to it. Priva’s APIs make this easier than ever. They enable access to real-time data and stored historical data. And, they make it possible to change setpoints in the building.

APIs (Application Programming Interface) are how software talks to other software. With Priva’s API’s you can connect any application to the data in your building easily. Whether you want to use third party software or connect your own app.

Priva Digital Services

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  • Easily connect third party software

    Using the Historical Data API you can easily connect third party software to your historical data.

  • Access to live data

    Get easy access to live data in your building with third party software.

  • Self Service & Access Control

    Control the access to the API and easily select which buildings are available to the API.

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