• Easily create and share reports

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Priva Analytics

With Priva Analytics, you easily and quickly extract data reports from your building management system. Do you have a maintenance or support contract with your customers? Then you can automatically share information with them at a set time.

  • Gain insights

    Insight in the data in your building

  • Periodic reports

    Automatically share reports at a set time

  • User-friendly

    Easily make your own reports from the available data

Priva Analytics makes the value in your building’s data accessible. You do not need to go digging to find trends. Just select the datapoints you are interested in, select how you want to view them, how often you want to see them and with who you want to share it and you are done.

You can easily make weekly report on room temperatures to share with building users, or a monthly report showing boiler performance compared to the outside temperature for maintenance, or aquifer measurements for regulators.

You can make the report in minutes and then forget about it until you get the next report in your inbox and you get the maximum value from the data, with minimal effort.

Priva Digital Services

Priva Analytics is part of our Priva Digital Services Suite. For more information on our full portfolio of Digital Services and our wide range of plans, click here.

Priva Analytics
  • Save time and money

    Easily create and share data reports yourself

  • Simple, periodic reports

    Indicate when and how often you could like to receive a report

  • Optimize energy consumption

    Gain insight into the operations of your building management systems and optimize where needed.

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