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E-Book | The best solution for Indoor Growing

With a growing number of people living in cities, providing fresh food where space is at a premium seems a real challenge. Can you imagine growing tomatoes on Fifth Avenue in New York? We can and we did it. To demonstrate that the countryside of the future is in the city vine tomatoes were produced in a module not much larger than a 40 ft shipping container for six months right in the middle of New York.

Infinite Acres and Priva in Guggenheim Exhibition
Infinite Acres and Priva in Guggenheim Exhibition

The grow module showed how indoor farming can benefit cities throughout the world through nutritious, pesticide-free, fresh food produced in densely populated areas.

The benefits of indoor farming

Growing plants indoors means taking control of all elements of food production resulting in:

  • low environmental impact on water and land resources
  • reduction of carbon emissions associated with long-distance transportation
  • a stable and reliable food chain

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Growing plants in an indoor facility has a lot of advantages. But managing all aspects of your indoor farming can be quite a challenge. This e-book will outline:

  • how to yield optimal results
  • how to control every aspect of the growing operation
  • the best solutions for indoor growing
  • the different levels of control needed for precision growing

The e-book combines more than 60 years of Priva experience in water, climate, cultivation and labour management to help you to realize your indoor growing ambitions in a sustainable way.

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E-Book | The best solution for Indoor Growing

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