Priva FS Performance Essentials 4.0: Elevating horticulture

Now available: FS Performance Essentials 4.0

Priva is proud to introduce the new Priva FS Performance Essentials 4.0 which is available next to the existing FS Performance 4.0. Unique to this solution is that it is a software-only labor management system that can be used on the user's own devices without the need for dedicated Priva hardware.

A successful horticulture company relies on the availability of accurate and reliable information. The FS Performance Essentials program provides you with management information which you and your team will need to make important operational, tactical, and strategic decisions. The FS Performance Essentials program is a software-only solution designed for horticultural businesses that want to get started quickly and easily with labor tracking.

  • A complete set of basic features to help you increase efficiency and reduce labor costs.
  • Real-time insight into labor and production figures.
  • Reports to analyze your business data across multiple crops.
  • Standard data connection with Priva Office Direct.
  • Easy options to share real-time data and/or management information with third parties.

Your benefits

Software only
Take advantage of the advanced software without having to install dedicated Priva FS Performance hardware.
Easy registration
Easily register activities using individual smartphones by scanning barcodes, QR codes, NFC tags, or by manual entry. Or make use of centralized tablets for manual entry.
Basic modules
Use dashboards and advanced software for day-to-day operations such as Validation & Correction, Crop Management, Cost Profiles, and Reports.
Data connections
Operational data can easily be made available via a standard API interface and integration with Priva Office Direct data is standard.
Upgrades and updates
Benefit from Priva's developments or expand your possibilities by upgrading to FS Performance 4.0 including additional functionalities and integration of multiple sites.
Dashboards Fs

Installation & system requirements

FS Performance Essentials version 4.0 will be installed on your premises by Priva.

A local server-PC is required with:

  • Windows 10 or higher
  • Windows Server 2016 or higher







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