Priva Nutri One: Automated crop fertigation

The first step towards automated fertigation for your crop.

Water and fertilizers are essential for growing your crop.

Priva Nutri One is an entry level fertilizer dosing unit for soil cultivation and large volume substrate containers. For these cultivation systems, this reliable and efficient dosing unit is the perfect solution for automation of fertilizer dosing.

Product details

Key features

Efficient fertilizer dosing
Flexibility in configuration of dosing channels
Low maintenance

Other benefits

  • Specially designed for soil-based crops and large substrate containers
  • Easily integrated in existing irrigation systems

Why use Priva Nutri One?


The Nutri One has up to 4 dosing channels, enabling you to switch between multiple recipes quickly, adjusting both in type of fertilizers, as in quantity. The Nutri One covers main line capacities up to 120 m3 per hour. Working together with the Priva Compass, the Nutri One offers a solution to cover a wide variety of irrigation system setups.


The Priva Nutri One is based on components used in high-tech horticulture. The Nutri One is extremely durable and requires very little maintenance. The system is made of stainless steel and sustainable plastics. The number of moving parts is kept to a minimum, to ensure low maintenance.

Main functions


  • EC measurement
  • Optional 2nd EC and single and double pH measurement
  • Pressure gauge

Insights anytime, anywhere

  • Clear and intuitive dashboards and graphs
  • Monitor and improve strategies
  • Insight via an internet browser
  • Responsive design for smartphone, tablet and PC

Irrigation management

  • Controls up to 250 valves with Compass multicontroller
  • Fertilizer recipes
  • Up to 10 irrigation strategies
  • Up to 10 moisture sensors
  • Automated water pre-treatment
  • Custom control programs

Service and knowledge

  • Online help functionality
  • Do it yourself maintenance
  • Wide partner network for fast service
  • Online training via Priva Academy

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Peter Könemann

Manager Sales Horticulture Europe

Peter Könemann