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Optimize Your Irrigation Strategy with Priva's Latest Solution

Helping growers optimizing their irrigation strategy

Careful water management will strengthen any horticultural business both in the short and long term. Our cloud-connected irrigation measurement system provides real-time insight into plant water uptake and evaporation. This enables you to optimize your irrigation strategy to increase yield and crop quality while using resources more efficiently.


A comprehensive solution

By continuously measuring plant weight, drain water quantity and nutrient content (Ec) and acidity Priva Irrigation Measurement gives you maximum control down to the last drop of every irrigation cycle and highly valuable real-time insights into crop health & development.

pH sensor (optional)
A stable pH at the root environment is necessary for plants to better absorb essential minerals.
Improve precision and timing of irrigation
This increases crop production and quality while reducing resource use such as nutrients, fertilizers and water.
More efficient use of nutrients
By accurately controlling the irrigation strategy (volume and frequency) you are assured that the desired recipe reaches your crops in the right dosage.
Priva Irrigation Measurement

Benefits of Priva Irrigation Measurement

Faster drain water measurement

Drain water is measured directly as it enters the reservoir, this enables an even more accurate analysis & precise dosing of each separate watering cycle.

Seamless connection with existing Priva control modules

Priva Irrigation Measurement connects seamlessly with Priva Moisture balance module/root optimiser. The improved measurement and easy installation makes extending the Connext or Compact CC process computers with these irrigation control modules more attainable, further enhancing your smart, safe and sustainable irrigation system.

Optimize the growth of your crops

Optimal balance between oxygen and moisture level in substrate results in healthy root development.

Full focus on climate

With the fertigation process now fully automated and stabilized, you are able to focus on other environmental factors such as light, temperature, CO² and air humidity.

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Smart water cycle

The smart water cycle

In an environment where healthy growth of crop and company takes center stage, it is important that the various water flows are optimally controlled, and that the correct quantities of fertilizers are administered at the right time. The systems developed by Priva enable growers to efficiently dose high-quality irrigation water and to recirculate it safely.

Priva Water Management Program
Easy to install

Easy to install & maintain

Specially developed Priva Installation & Maintenance tooling software helps both installation partners and end users through visualisations and step-by step guides to get Priva Irrigation Measurement up and running smoothly, while minimizing downtime.

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Curious about what Priva Irrigation Measurement can do for your company? We are happy to tell you more and to answer your questions.

Jose Haaring

Sales Team Lead Horticulture Europe

José Haaring