To control your crop in the most efficient way possible, we can help you best by providing a complete solution. That’s why we’ve built a future-proof platform that connects our robust climate computers, water systems and control technology with smart online applications. We continue to invest in the development of both hardware and controls as well as in new online applications and digital services.

By connecting to the Priva Open Platform, you can further optimize the growing process and your business strategy. For example, with our autonomous growing technology, Plantonomy.

Priva's open platform 

Our platform seamlessly connects all aspects of the growing process, enabling you to control your crop in the most efficient and reliable way possible; anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Connecting with technology partners for true innovation

But it doesn’t stop there. To provide you with the most complete solution on the market, we look beyond our own capabilities. We continuously expand our platform with partners that offer products and services that complete our portfolio. Whether it’s about pest control, installation & maintenance, new technologies such as vision technology and wireless sensors or business process optimization.

We actively look for skilled partners that match our vision and way of working to team-up with. We connect them to our platform to help you with every challenge you may have as a grower.

Online applications

Your single point of access to our platform is MyPriva. A secure cloud environment based on Microsoft Azure technology in which you can access and manage your applications.

The first online applications are already available: Priva Operator, Priva Alarms and Plantonomy (pre-release). These applications give you control over your crop anytime and anywhere. Would you like to know how we keep your data safe and secure? Read more here.

The first online applications are already available:

Control your greenhouse anytime, anywhere with Priva Connected

Priva Connected

Priva Connected is the starter package for the Priva Open Platform. It includes a Priva Gateway to connect you to the cloud, and several online services to make sure you can manage and monitor your greenhouse systems remotely. Furthermore, you’re always up to date with Priva software and direct access to service and online training courses is included.

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Priva Operator

Operator is our online tool for remote control of a horticultural facility. With Operator, you can manage and monitor the key processes involved in growing your crops, such as the climate and water. Whenever and wherever necessary, simply using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Learn more about Operator
Get connected, grow your business with Priva Operator
Priva | Plantonomy

Autonomous growing with Plantonomy


Plantonomy, Priva’s autonomous growing technology, is our new digital service designed to simplify consistent crop production.

Plantonomy is pre-released at several customers. This means that it is already running in client production environments, delivering the promise of autonomous crop control and yielding exceptional results.

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Wireless sensor network

To optimally control your crop, you need to have insight in the crop environment. Wireless sensors can give you that insight by generating data from your growing facility. At Priva, we are working on an integrated solution so that you have all your sensor and process control data in one overview. This allows you to easily analyse the growing process and adjust your control strategy if necessary.

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Priva | Wireless sensor network

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