Queen – a/s Knud Jepsen about Priva Operator

Thursday, March 17, 2022
The world's largest producer of Kalanchoe, Queen® - a/s Knud Jepsen benefits from using Priva Operator to remotely control the climate and systems in the greenhouse. “I believe Operator is the future”, says Jens Lycke, Department Head at the company. 

Priva Operator

Priva Operator is the online application that makes operating your Priva process computer easy and convenient. View settings and measurements of your crop production facility in real time and directly adjust strategies and settings as you please. Simply use your smartphone, tablet or laptop anytime, anywhere. You can also manage multiple sites from one place.

Jens - Knud Jepsen alt="Jens - Knud Jepsen">

“I like the part, where I’m able to make my private front page, that is great for quick and efficient use on my cell phone.”