Unique closed-loop water system

François van der Merwe, CEO of CAN-Agri, has some innovative ideas about today’s vertical farms. He and his business partner Gideo van der Merwe developed a truly vertical crop production system that requires hardly any artificial light. They have rotated the traditionally horizontal layers through 90 degrees. François: “This allows each plant to get the necessary light from a naturally occurring source: the sun.”

  • South Africa

  • Lettuce & Herbs

  • Vertical Farming

  • Closed-loop water system

Besides saving energy by tapping into the power of sunlight, at CAN-Agri they also make smart use of their irrigation water. In conjunction with Priva, François and Gideo have developed a concept for the safe reuse of all the irrigation water and the high-value fertilizers it contains. The concept is based on an irrigation system that pre-treats the water, doses the fertilizers and then disinfects the irrigation water afterwards. 

CAN-Agri shines new light on currently held vertical farming principles

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